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Sadbaby token is a cryptocurrency project which has been created in order to make all sick and sad babies happy.

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What is our purpose?

Babies may born with various diseases. While these diseases are sometimes treatable, there are some that cannot be cured. Due to high treatment costs, these diseases make the families of sick babies and children helpless. Many infants and children cannot be treated because of high treatment costs so those who cannot be treated unfortunately may lose their lives. In deed, it is possible to meet these quantities. With SADBABY TOKEN, you can be a hope for sick babies and children.

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Road Map

2021 Q2

2021 Q2 100%

2021 Q3

2021 Q3 100%

2021 Q4

2021 Q4 55.5%


Sadbaby Token was created on May 14, 2021.

It is a donation token that was created primarily to ensure that our babies with Genetic Diseases live the world as a place they still love. It is a Crypto Currency which makes charity while saving you money and enriches you both materially and spiritually.

To provide Sad Babies with medical care and equipments

To build a hospital where Babies with Genetic Diseases can be treated.

Sadbaby Token started its way via Bscscan Network. It has listing targets in many exchanges by expanding its contract network which is profitable for its customers.

As a result of the Sadbaby token R&D work on the E-Commerce platform, Sadbaby has established the  E-Commerce market and aimed to provide discounted and quality services in this e-commerce market. By donating a certain part of its income to the Antalya Association for Combating Genetic Diseases, it aimed to meet the medical expenses of unhappy babies and children and to make them happy.

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Sadbaby Token

 is a cryptocurrency project which has been created in order to make all sick and sad babies happy.