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Sadbaby Token What is its purpose and a few?

It aims to make all sad babies laugh forever.It aims to become light , reaching tens, hundreds of Sadbaby.The world is a whole.


A new generation investment and funding system based on donations from a small amount of our baby with SMA from our many holders. In this system, our holders donate online, buy a small share or pay for the first products to be produced. With the funding model popularized by the Internet, we collect the money needed for our project from people (our supporters) in small shares. We raise funds at different levels, from the smallest to the largest, by giving gifts, t-shirts, or the product itself, to thank our supporters for their contributions.


SadBaby Token is a donation token that was created primarily to ensure that our SMA-affected babies live in the world as a place they still love. SMA makes various donations to put a smile on the faces of all needy children along with its patients. Donations are sourced from donations from our investors and existing donation wallets.

Holder Rewards

SadBaby tokens impose a special tax on each purchase or sale of tokens. Total supply was reduced until 24% was almost forever, while 11% was distributed back to owners. Token burning will continue with Holders targets.

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NFT Market

Families and children in need through the NFT Market can sell their own NFT products and receive financial support. Currently,it is a planned software product, work will start at the end of the year.


Step 1

BSC Scan logo upload

Step 2

Latoken exchange listing

Step 3

Listing of coinmarketcap coingecko

Step 4

Listing on gate mxc hotbit exchanges

Step 5

Binance listing

Step 6

Continued high donations on a regular basis

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